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[ 4 April 2013 ]

It has been a while since I have done any project work...well it's been a while since I have published anything..anyway, I have recently been working on a small WebApp that displays profile data and the games owned. It's pretty basic at the moment, I only started the project so I could learn more about API's and how to work with them, but I have enjoyed it so much that I do intend to add more features to this in the future! 

You can check it out by navigating to on your mobile device. (A PC will work, but that is not the point!) 

The app its self is pretty simple, it takes data from the search box (the gamertag you enter) and adds it to the member variable through the URL. A PHP script will then recover data from the API and store it in variables. I then present those variables nicely using HTML. At the end of the day I would like to have a complete mobile tool that will allow you to look someone up on xbox live, compare games/achievements, and if everything checks out forward you to the relevant sign in page so you can add them as a friend. 

Once I have done this I feel that I will have gained all the knowledge I need of API's to begin work on some other projects I have in the pipe line. 

This project would not have been possible without the script for managing local and external urls and the Xbox Live API

This project is free to use. If you are on an iPhone, be sure to add the app to your home screen for the best experience.

I may release the source code in the future, but I am unsure at the moment. 

As a side project, by the request of a friend of mine I have also built a small tool that generates an image that I call a "GamerTab" You can find it by going to 

...well the development of GamerTab has run away a little bit and as a result I have a pretty polished 'product'. You can now select a skin for your GamerTab and tweet the resulting image. I will soon be revisiting the original project to finish it off!

Feel free to use it both projects and be sure to share! :-)

NEWS: My work is now featured on the XboxLeaders API home page! thats just awesome!!!! See below for a screen shot, or go over to and see it for your self. 

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