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[ 24 November 2010 ]

I have been working on a new project and this post is a result of this project. I call it the Rich Post Author basically it ads HTML tags for emotes, images and various text/ font effects.

I am actually using this tool to create this blog post. Hopefully it works just how I had planned it to...This is version 1. I already have plans for version 2. Namely this will be the addition of a spell checker and maybe direct posting (version 1 currently just pumps out HTML) V1's features include 1) Image layouts - and uploading via image shack 2) Hyper Links 3) Emotes       4) Font Colour 5) Font Variants (Bold Underlined etc.) If you would like to have a look at this project then you can download it here please remember this is beta and I take no responsability for any damage/data loss or what ever.

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