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[ 27 November 2010 ]

This post is being revised, this method does NOT work with routers that shipped with updated O2 firmware! The link is also broken, I no longer have the firmware stored so I cannot re-upload it. the most reliable way to unlock this router is using the JTAG methods as described all over the internet. 

I have spent an amount of time today trying to unlock or "flash" an o2 wireless router. for anyone that has attempted to find info on this in the past you will realise that (like with unlocking any router) there is a lot of conflicting messages from different people.

I am however here to say that it IS POSSIBLE (I know this because I have done this) hopefully in this post I will hopefully remove any confusion on the matter.

Before you start you will need the following:

  • o2 Wireless Box II (585v7)
  • standard ethernet cable
  • firmware and updater (click here)
  • the SuperUser login (un: SuperUser pw: O2Br0ad64nd)

Once you have all these things it is a pretty simple process.


1. Connect the o2 router to your computer via a vacant ethernet port on your computer
2. I reccomend that you assign a static IP
3. start the firmware updater
4. you may be prompted to make an exception in your firewall (do this)
5. the software will detect and show your router, click it and select next
6. click have disk and browse to the new firmware
7. click next and wait.

If the wizard shows sucessful then you are all done! enjoy your freshly unlocked o2 router!

    - Arvind
    2 September, 07:48 PM

    Hi Robin,

    I stumbled upon your this blog when I was searching for a way to unlock my O2 Wireless box II.

    I felt the steps that you have detailed looked very simplistic and wanted to give it a try.
    I tried downloading the Firmware and Updater from the link you gave but it does not seem to work.

    Appreciate if you could kindly help me obtain the same if possible please.

    Thanks in advance for your anticipates assistance.


    - Andy
    11 January, 03:19 PM

    hi pal … d link 4 d updater file is broken . is there any way you could update d link or email me the file at all please??



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