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[ 19 June 2011 ]

Follow these steps and you will be sorted in no time. before we start you will need the following:

  • iTunes
  • iPhone/iPad
  • iPhone/iPad cable
  • a computer
  • the tune you want
  • a brain

*Just to let you know that for the convienience of the internets I am making this tutorial using Windoze 7 (or to give its real name 6.1)* I will be using DJ Earworm's mash up "party on the floor" for the ringtone, I will make it available as a download at the end of the post

So lets get started, before we do anyting with the tune you will need to make sure extensions are not hidden on your computer (so you see "picture.jpg" rather than just "picture") to do this click *start>computer*. Now if you cannot see the file menu along the top bar press *"alt"* on your keyboard this will show the menu. Now click *tools>folder options* (see pic1)

pic1 - Click to enlarge.

A window will popup, now click the view tab and untick the "Hide extensions for known file types" box (see pic2) after that hit Apply then OK.

pic2 - Click to enlarge.

Now on to business... 1.Load iTunes and locate your song of choice. 2.Right click it and select "get info" (see pic3)

pic3 - Click to enlarge.

This will bring up a dialog box. 3.On the dialog box that pops up select the options tab (see pic4).

pic4 - Click to enlarge.

4.Now this is the interesting part as it will be different for different tunes, I am refering to when you want the tune to start/stop *_note:iPhone ringtones can be no longer than 40 seconds_* Once you know what section of the song you want then enter the start and stop time into the correct boxes. Hit OK and you are almost there! +time for a break+ I know part 4 seems a little confusing, so I am going to give you a few examples. If you like the start of your song then the values would be 0:00 for the starting time and 0:40 for the ending time. If your song has a slow intro and an explosive burst of music 2 minutes in then it would be 2.00 for the start and 2:40 for the end...hopefully that cleared it up a little. 5.Play the song and you should find that it is now only playing between the 2 times you specified in part 4. 6.If you are happy right click the song again and select "Create AAC Version" (see pic5)

pic5 - Click to enlarge.

If all went well you should hear a little "BuhDuhDink" noise...providing you have speakers and that they actually work. You will also see a copy of your song BUT this one is only 40 seconds long! 7.Right click this new mini copy of your song and select "Show in Windows Explorer" (see pic6) This will open a folder containing your new ringtone(see pic7).

pic6 - Click to enlarge.

8.Bring the iTunes window back and delete the 40 second version MAKING SURE not to send it to the recycle bin...just remove it from your library. 9.Minimize iTunes and bring up the folder containing the 40 second song (if you binned it, go get it) Now your ringtone should look like "songname.m4a" (see pic7) rename it to "songname.m4r" and double click it.

pic7 - Click to enlarge.

10.Finished! the tune will start playing but as a ringtone rather than a song, just plug in your iPhone and sync it to get the tune on your phone as a ringtone...providing you have ringtones checked in the sync menu... As promised, the ringtone I made Click to Download

    - Robin
    19 June, 06:48 PM

    Download link doesn’t work…a side affect of migration. I will look into it

    - Robin
    19 June, 08:00 PM

    Fixed it now. You can now download the ringtone I made in this tutorial.

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