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[ 10 April 2013 ]

Its been a while since I have ranted...but trust me, I have had plenty of things to rant about! I just havent had the time or the thing causing the rant is so frustrating that I cannot confidently say that I could write it down without breaking my computer, and that would just be daft. 

Anyway, this rant is about the poor build quality of "premium products" 


To be fair what was I expecting when I get a pair of head phones that cost £100+ something that not only sounded good but also lasts more than 18 months? ....Sigh


I should start from the begining, I got a pair of Beats Solo, and they sound awesomemegawin (really good) but after a year of use on my hot head the ear cups began to perish. This annoyed me but at the end of the day the audio quality was unaffected and the headphones were still comfortable. A few weeks ago I noticed that the headband has become seperated and the padding is now peeling away...rage bubbled from inside and I gently placed the headphones in a dark corner to stop me from strapping them to a hot dog and throwing the whole package into a fat camp. 


...and there they stayed for a while but this week a new advert has poped up on TV and all over YouTube...



The anger I had previously experienced has since faded but the advert did remind me that I do own a pair of these 'premium' head phones. 


I have started a complaint process...everything is going well so far, we shall see how it goes. 


Well this isn't much of a rant is it? I guess all the rage is dead and buried. I also can't fault the complaints team, they have been prompt and polite...its just so frustrating that you get what you pay for...oh no wait. 


Long story short, just because something is expensive, it doesnt mean it will be everything you want it to be. Yeah, 'beats' sound great but they seem to be made out of cheddar cheese. 

    - Ragonkai
    10 April, 03:28 PM

    That tv ad has been playing on our macs at work for the last 3 months. Not so new, but yeah.

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