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[ 4 October 2010 ]

sigh I think that this is an under statement, I actually loathe the blasted Micro$oft bloat ware…it just makes my life difficult.

There are a few causes for my rage on the subject of IE

  • its slow
  • Poor understanding of CSS – some features of CSS just don’t exist in the eyes of M$
  • Its massively bloated – and yet some how has bugger all features?
  • its often raped by third parties (oh yay another “ask/yahoo/zynga/smiley central” tool bar that I cant get rid of without slashing my life span
  • It breaks formatting

That’s just to name a few, I am pretty sure I have a character limit and I don’t feel like hitting it as that would just make me madder even more angry

I have hated the browser for many years as it often causes me issues when I am developing, but today I snapped when it broke the formatting of my new blog…it works in every browser minus the big IE….surely Microsoft must realize that their browser is the only one on the net that doesn’t meet the same standards as its competitors. In fact if I am being honest, if IE did meet the same standards as other browsers I would probably use it (this is a sign of how lazy I am, I just cba to go to the effort of seeking and installing an alternate browser…but I have no choice)

…At least Apple got it right with Safari, I still use it to this day – it uses the same engine as Googles Chrome browser has a great list of add-ons that are actually supported by Apple and pages look the way they are meant to.

bloody hell, I have just gone on a tangent.

In summery IE drives me nuts purely because it feels that doing things in its own stupid way is a good thing. If it ever decides to join the herd of decent browsers I may well give it another go but until then…it can rot.

    - Ragon
    4 October, 05:37 PM

    Google chrome is for the win! your website looks very good on it!

    - MacFag
    6 October, 05:48 PM

    Well TY Mr.Ragon lol, I am glad you like it. Did you look at the site in IE? I created a nice message for the IE crowd.

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