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[ 3 December 2010 ]

I love it when customer services just fire off lies about a service…I am guessing that I havent mentioned before forgive me if I have but my internet of late has been beyond poor!.

long story short Orange have been throttling my connection, to the point of I am technically disconnected I am most unimpressed. Today I recieved an email saying that this was due to fair usage…FAIR USAGE ….bah

I am aware I am not a “light” user, but I am by no means a person that would touch the 40gb policy, apart from that I am supposed to recieve an email in the event of me hitting the limit…this is not present and in fact has never been sent by orange they broke there own rules? sigh

I can’t be bothered with this at the mo, so for now I will let it slide….but Orange will be hearing from me again soon…

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