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[ 19 January 2011 ]

I just love it when people get that stupid idea feeling. I am guessing this is what happened when Nintendo took the Metroid series away from retro studios and placed it into the clammy hands of team ninja.

I am of course speaking about Metroid: Other M. The game its self seems very playable and the story element really ticked a lot of boxes for me but there are a couple of things that really shot it dead.

I decided that it all started to go wrong at the design stage. At some point a clever soul thought they should chuck out the things that made the Metroid Prime series great.

Some of these things include detail, side stories and events and replayability. On top of that they decided that you should use the D-Pad for movement (running full pelt or standing still + only 4 directions) coupled with a broken camera angle. Something else that annoys me is that Samus seems to only have 3 seconds worth of running animation, this means that if you have to travel any sort of distance your eyes get bored (the same problem was also found in devil may cry/bayonetta)

Something that worries me is that I haven’t really played this game either, I will finish it but unlike other Metroid games I have no real desire to sit down and shoot stuff (auto aim…really? you just pummel the fire button)

If anyone thinks I am wrong then feel free to try and change my mind!

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