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[ 7 May 2013 ]

I said that I would do a post on this a while back but I ran out of time...TBH I am still not doing a post now but here is a clip of this project functioning. 

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[ 4 April 2013 ]

It has been a while since I have done any project work...well it's been a while since I have published anything..anyway, I have recently been working on a small WebApp that displays profile data and the games owned. It's pretty basic at the moment, I only started the project so I could learn more about API's and how to work with them, but I have enjoyed it so much that I do intend to add more features to this in the future! 

You can check it out by navigating to on your mobile device. (A PC will work, but that is not the point!) 

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[ 10 August 2012 ]

This is a small development but a big one in my opinion! I have added auto excerpts to my blogging CMS.

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[ 26 April 2012 ]

There has been some changes to my blog, although I am sure you have already noticed.

I am still polishing this site, and today I have made a few ‘design’ changes.

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[ 26 May 2011 ]

the like button often eluded me due to my domain…this is no longer an issue! hello button lol

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[ 24 May 2011 ]

The blog is now at it’s new home (here obviously) I have started changing the design as it is no longer part of ChalkCreation. It has some bugs still so I will be working through those slowly over the next few days.

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