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[ 15 May 2011 ]

I have purchased a domain and with it a premium hosting account worth a whopping 170 a year…. I am planning to get into my blog and design hobbies much more than I used to. That means more designs better designs and more for you to read!

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[ 27 February 2011 ]

This should show a little album of my work…if it does work then it will be shown on the portfolio page….uses googles picasa.

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[ 22 January 2011 ]

No doubt it will need some tweaks, but over all I think that my CMS has reached completion!

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[ 10 October 2010 ]

The blog has a new front page that displays my recent posts from all sections, it gives you a small section of the post with the option to read more… It is a basic feature, but one that my blog was missing so I decided it was time to implement it in some way…

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