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[ 10 April 2013 ]

Its been a while since I have ranted...but trust me, I have had plenty of things to rant about! I just havent had the time or the thing causing the rant is so frustrating that I cannot confidently say that I could write it down without breaking my computer, and that would just be daft. 

Anyway, this rant is about the poor build quality of "premium products" 

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[ 19 January 2011 ]

I just love it when people get that stupid idea feeling. I am guessing this is what happened when Nintendo took the Metroid series away from retro studios and placed it into the clammy hands of team ninja.

I am of course speaking about Metroid: Other M. The game its self seems very playable and the story element really ticked a lot of boxes for me but there are a couple of things that really shot it dead.

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[ 3 December 2010 ]

I love it when customer services just fire off lies about a service…I am guessing that I havent mentioned before forgive me if I have but my internet of late has been beyond poor!

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[ 4 October 2010 ]

There are a few causes for my rage on the subject of IE

  • its slow
  • Poor understanding of CSS – some features of CSS just don’t exist in the eyes of M$
  • Its massively bloated – and yet some how has bugger all features?

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