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[ 15 May 2011 ]

I have purchased a domain and with it a premium hosting account worth a whopping 170 a year…. I am planning to get into my blog and design hobbies much more than I used to. That means more designs better designs and more for you to read!

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[ 27 February 2011 ]

This should show a little album of my work…if it does work then it will be shown on the portfolio page….uses googles picasa.

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[ 22 January 2011 ]

No doubt it will need some tweaks, but over all I think that my CMS has reached completion!

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[ 27 November 2010 ]

This post is being revised, this method does NOT work with routers that shipped with updated O2 firmware! The link is also broken, I no longer have the firmware stored so I cannot re-upload it. the most reliable way to unlock this router is using the JTAG methods as described all over the internet. 

I have spent an amount of time today trying to unlock or "flash" an o2 wireless router. for anyone that has attempted to find info on this in the past you will realise that (like with unlocking any router) there is a lot of conflicting messages from different people.

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[ 24 November 2010 ]

I have been working on a new project and this post is a result of this project. I call it the Rich Post Author basically it ads HTML tags for emotes, images and various text/ font effects.

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[ 4 October 2010 ]

There are a few causes for my rage on the subject of IE

  • its slow
  • Poor understanding of CSS – some features of CSS just don’t exist in the eyes of M$
  • Its massively bloated – and yet some how has bugger all features?

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