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[ 28 February 2013 ]

 When I saw this game was within my reach I thought I would have to go for it. I have played a few Bleach games before and generally they have come up short in most areas. I think this was mainly because they have been straight up fighting games, there are loads of these already and they can get boring pretty fast..That aside, I felt obliged to give "Soul Resurreccion" a go! After all, I have always liked Bleach, the Anime/Manga that is, not it's pine fresh cousin.

About the game:
The game is based on the last part of the Anime, the Hueco Mundo Arc. You basically play through each chapter of the story as a specific character, using their different skills and abilities. Your objective in the story mode is to slash through many weak (ish) enemies until you reach the end of the stage and then you face a boss that would be relivant to that part of the story.

What I liked:
Oddly enough, it was nice to play through the story. It isn't unusual for these type of games to be based on something, but it is unusual for it to be true to that base. Bleach:SR accurately retells the story of how Ichigo battles through Hueco Mundo, defeating various Espada to gain the power of the final Getsuga and defeat Aizen.

The Shallow part of me also liked the graphics. Cel shaded graphics have been around for a while now, I can remember "Cel Damage" and "The Legend of Zelda:Wind Waker" like it was yesterday, but I think this is the first cel shaded game that doesn't look, well...odd. This may well be because the lack of depth that is often comes with cel shaded graphics is also present in the Anime. It doesn't really matter how or why, this game just looks great.

What I didn’t like:
I can't help but think the designers ran out of ideas at a very early stage of development. "We need a game where you slash stuff. Yeah let’s slash through several levels that only have minor differences! That’s what people want!" NO WE DON'T ...In this game, all you ultimately do, is run to the end of a level, and then beat a boss, over and over and over again. It gets old really fast, and I really had to push myself to get to the end.

Another thing I didn't like when I was playing this game was the lack of complexity when it came to the controls. I am aware that this is normally nothing to complain about, in fact it should be quite the opposite but this is not a kids game! you can get through pretty much any battle by mashing the Square button without any rhythm or skill. A physical side effect of this lack of complexity is that each character only has 4 attacks in total, a normal attack, a ranged attack, a powerful attack and an "ignition" attack. after 30 minutes your eyes get bored and your brain starts to melt, the only cure is to remove the disk and set it on fire whilst chanting "You will not be hurting anyone any more".  Sadly I rented this game, so I am scarred for life.

This game is pretty, and the fact that it is actually true to its source is great, but I wouldn't buy it. If you are a die hard bleach fan you should play it, but don’t buy it. It’s a real shame too.

I give this game 2/5.

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