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[ 7 April 2013 ]

About the Game:
The game is about a soldier in a special suit that goes by the name of “Prophet” This suit gives him super human strength, speed, awareness and the ability to become invisible for a period of time. The back-story and “Prophet’s” motivation is pretty simple…to summarise, there are two antagonist parties, the Ceph and the Cell. The Ceph are an alien force that wants you dead. The Cell is a earth company that wants you…dead. As Prophet you want to, well, not be dead as well as save the world, so he does what needs to be done to stop Cell and drive the Ceph away.

What I liked:
Crysis 3 is built entirely from “eye candy” no one can say that this game looks bad, and for most people that seems to be the whole point of the Crysis franchise, like a benchmark for all other games. I did enjoy the voice acting, it felt realistic enough but as far as I am concerned that ties in with presentation (like the eye candy) and doesn’t actually add any substance to the story line or game play.

I shouldn’t have to mention this but I was very happy to see that the controls have not changed in Crysis 3. This has been a recent problem for me with some of the other sequels that have been playing. So if you have played through Crysis 2, you should be able to step into number 3 without any effort at all.

What I didn’t like:
When I was playing this game it felt like I was on rails, you can “explore” the environment but ultimately there seems to only be one or two routes through each area that don’t involve you standing in the open and getting your face blown off. The other point (closely related) is that all you essentially do in this game is go from A to B. It doesn’t matter how big an area is, you will enter it from a cave and exit it in a bush on the other side…it made the whole thing a little bit…well…Meh

If I were to compare it to its predecessor I would also say that it didn’t feel as “action packed” and despite how the advert appears I didn’t feel very bad ass at all. I just skulked around in the shadows and shot squids in the face with a sniper rifle.

Something else that I didn’t like is the lack of recognition for the man behind the mask. I am going to try and not ruin this for anyone that hasn’t played the other games but it seems that everyone is just pretending that Crysis 2 didn’t happen (which in my opinion, is a better game) 

It's an ok game, its story does not satisfy and it certainly does not contain the action packed experience that it promises...but it is very easy on the eyes. Given the choice looking back I would rather someone tells me what happens reather than let me play it. Ultimately I think if I wasn't reviewing this game I would only play it if I had nothing else going on. 

You can buy the game from Amazon by clicking this link.



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