[ 24 May 2013 ]

The Game Booster from razer, or any other "booster" for that matter is a bit of a false promise. There is no software that can actually make your computer go any faster, but they can make optimisations. Razer Game Booster, however does have a trick up its sleve that sets it apart from the competition and that is screen casting! Most gamers have wanted to record their skills and share them with the world, but the software is expensive, poor quality and has a negative impact on the games performance! ...That is where the Razer Game Booster steps in.

Screen Casting is not a main feature of the application, it is on the last tab and has actually only started working with the last update (the feature had been present before but crashes were frequent)

People like me will find this incredibly important and as a result I welcome the Game Booster into my software library. I made a quick recording today to test the new feature, you can see it to the right.

It is so good that I will actually be including a short clip of gameplay from the games I review in future...If I can be bothered, no amount of software can change the fact that I am lazy, no matter how easy it is to use. 

The main function of the application is actually to switch off the services that are not necessary to the game you are playing. It achieves this by intelegently scanning the processes running on your machine and terminating them, when you are done playing it will restart the services it closed. The "boost" in speed is nominal (if there is one) as Windows is actually suprisingly efficient when it comes to managing processor time, if anything loading textures from a hard disk may be slightly quicker. What is important about this feature is that it means you will not be pestered by reminders and notifications! Windows Update has destroyed my K:D many a time! 

At the end of the day, this is a fantastic piece of software! I will be using it a lot in the years to come. It is currently in a closed BETA but you can sign up to join on the Razer website.