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[ 31 January 2014 ]

About the game:
You play the role of Nilin, an Errorist prisoner held by a company called Memorize in Neo Paris (year 2084)...To cut a long story short, the company Memorize has a product called Sensen. The Sensen is in use by 99% of the population and allows people to upload, share and delete memories. The Errorists are against this movement for various reasons and abuse the Sensen technology to remix and steal memories in order to advance their cause. 

Nilin has had her memory wiped by Memorize to protect their interests, but she is “rescued” by Edge. The game is about piecing together the memories she has lost and continuing the Errorist mission to take down the Memorise Corporation.

What I liked:
Something that is normally completed by the wikia page that is bound to pop up post release is explanation. For example in Halo 4 the MC’s armour is completely different, the Halo wiki gives possible explanations as to the cause of these changes (we all know in reality that 343 just felt like it and do whatever the hell they want)…I digress, my point is that all the game mechanics and effects are explained in a way that you could believe is real in the year 2084. For example, there is a little orange arrow that tells you where to go…towards the start of the game, Edge explains that the Sensen is beaming the image into your brain! Small things like this make a big difference as far as I am concerned. 

The major highlight for me in this game was the ability to change the effects of your attack combos. Now you cannot actually change the attack sequence or length but what you could do was modify them so your high power combo was set to heal you and your low power combo to do damage or vice versa etc. That is just a small glimpse of what you can do with this mechanic. The point is I was often making changes to my combos to suite my current opponent (there is a variety of them with different attacks and defence methods.)  

What I didn’t like:
I mentioned the little orange arrow before…as much as it is “justified” I do believe that it is a sign of modern games. Hand holders. It constantly tells you where to go, considering that the level design is fairly straight forward I don’t think it is necessary at all. It actually takes away from the player rather than contributing to the experience. 

Repetition is a real issue in this game as well. The difficulty does not increase through variety, but repetition of something that may have been considered a boss in a previous chapter. At one point in particular two enemies (a single one considered as a boss in the previous chapter) are thrown at you at once, along with a barrage of lesser cannon fodder just to make executing combos more “difficult”. Now I believe a game should become more challenging as you progress but the curve on Remember me is very steep, and most enemies make for a boring, repetitive and drawn out battle.  

I am afraid to say that although it had some original concepts, Remember me was kind of…well, forgettable. It was worth playing, but just the once. It has mechanics in place for re-plays but I don’t think it’s worth it. 

I didn't mention a feature in the main bulk of this review and thats because I don't know where to place it, Memory Remixing...Its a really cool feature that allows you to twist a persons memory to fit your ideal, it was awesome..but you only do it like..3 times. Maybe if it was done over and over I would have been bored of it but hey! *Honorary mention!*

It would be a good game to rent over a weekend, the story is good but it’s a one trick pony.  

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