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[ 28 February 2013 ]

 When I saw this game was within my reach I thought I would have to go for it. I have played a few Bleach games before and generally they have come up short in most areas. I think this was mainly because they have been straight up fighting games, there are loads of these already and they can get boring pretty fast..That aside, I felt obliged to give "Soul Resurreccion" a go! After all, I have always liked Bleach, the Anime/Manga that is, not it's pine fresh cousin.

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[ 17 February 2013 ]

Dead Space 3
I am not a fan of horror, in fact I have been quoted saying that I find it rather unpleasant as a genre, but I have always put on a brave face when it comes to Dead Space. When I heard that Visceral Games had a 3rd game on the way I was excited to see what they were going to do with the story.

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[ 7 February 2013 ]

About the Game:

What is Minecraft? ..It’s actually a very simple concept, you are in a world that is full of resources that you can mine and use to craft your creations. From that statement I would point out that the name is not all that creative but it does get the job done.

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[ 3 December 2012 ]

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[ 28 April 2012 ]

Tribes Ascend is a fast and furious first person shooter available for PC and most importantly FREE. The game is developed by Hi-Res Studios Tribes Ascend is actually part of a series that has laid dormant since 2004, the whole tribes concept revolves around having a jet pack and the ability to “skii” around the map.

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