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[ 10 May 2012 ]

Before I start I would like to say that the amount of info available on this project is limited and that sends off alarm bells in my this real? if anything I don’t believe that it is nearly as advanced as it appears in the video below. All I know is that Google is allegedly working on a project that will allow you to wear a space age camera on your head along with some nifty augmented reality features.

Check out this video published on Googles youtube channel:

Now the only comment I wish to pass on this video is that I think that if the project is real then it isn’t at this stage yet, purely because the video seems fake. Now I will admit that if the technology did exist how would you record/document it? and that would be the cause for google using a little poetic license for creating this video.

Google have set up a page on Google+ for the project. It doesn’t seem to be letting anything go about the device but that doesn’t mean it won’t so you may want to keep an eye on

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